James Sparkes

James Sparkes


Sure I’m incredibly funny. Sarcastic. Handsome. Witty. No BS. Can’t you tell?

My job is to make sure our clients are informed about any and every media opportunity that’s right for their business. As ‘Media Director’ I’m the head honcho for all things media.

I look at how campaigns and media platforms perform. I analyse consumer behaviour from campaign data. I make sure that what we learn, applies to future campaigns. I help clients place their media money into the right channels. I don’t mind telling them no…if my data tells me it’s a dud, that’s what I tell the client. And I’ve achieved some pretty tidy results. So clients trust my insight. 

When I’m not directing all things media at Synchromesh, I’m eating my bodyweight in….anything in sight. No seriously, I am. I’m fit, so there’s no associated guilt! I also like to toy with classic cars. Old school motor racing. The movies. And entertaining my kids. Social media? Facebook. LinkedIn. Instagram. Twitter. I’m more voyeur than influencer.